Programming is a wonderful mix of art and science; source code is both a poem and a math problem. It should be as simple and elegant as it is functional and fast. This blog is about that (along with whatever else I feel like writing about).

Saturday, July 23, 2005


Hi there. I'm Sean, and I do some programming. A lot of the things I learned have been from the web, and many of those were in some random guy's blog about some cool/stupid thing they did. So I've decided to be one of those random internet people, and help out people new to programming with some of the cool/stupid things I've done.

But on thinking about it, I don't really consider much I do to be particularly cool, and it's not even that stupid. So why not dedicate to something else? I have decided to make this not so much a showcase for things I've done as a place for people to learn. I'll try to publish reasonable tutorials on various things ... for the most part they will be on modern web applications (or AJAX, if you're into the term), as that's what I've been spending most of my time on lately.

And on my larger projects, I'll try to post updates on my progress, just so that anybody who finds themselves interested in them (for whatever reason) can follow along and make fun of my slow rate of progress or lack of glitzy features. Or something.

The first real post should be up shortly. Don't hold your breath (it's not good for you).

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